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cyborg 009

getting to know
Jet starts noticing the little things about Pyunma.

handle the trouble i bring
The scars of Black Ghost linger, and Jet hopes Albert doesn't notice.

final fantasy xiv

a lack of self-restraint
Francel is curious, and Haurchefant is willing.

Dear gifts for dear siblings, across multiple bloodlines.

third son
( Collection of Emmanellain-focused works with prompts from FFXIVWrite2021. )
The daily life of Emmanellain de Fortemps is, if anything, intriguing.

fire emblem: three houses

king of hearts
Rodrigue and Lambert find a lone cabin for the night.

gegege no kitaro

3 + 1
Mizuki, Gegero, Kitaro, and their new addition.

"Kitaro has grown up into such a fine young man. He deserves only the best.” Gegero smiles as leans over in his seat, hands clasping down on Mizuki’s shoulders. “So the last gift for the occasion is you, Mizuki!”

Mizuki is one of Kitaro's fathers... or so he thinks.

Kitaro learns (and hates) that he's not the only person in Mizuki's life.

Five times Kitaro restrained himself, and the one time he didn’t.

not flesh and blood but something much worse
Kitaro keeps Mizuki all to himself.

sharks in the water
Mizuki was content with staying dead, but Kitaro isn't so merciful.

genshin impact

begin again
When Diluc left, he lost a brother.
When Diluc returns, he finds a sister.

burned in your memory
In another time, Diluc leaves with Kaeya.

through a child's eyes
Klee likes to spend time with Kaeya. He’s nice and strong and lets her do things that Jean would never allow! The only problem was that sometimes he looks so sad when he thinks she’s not looking.


we'll do the things that lovers do
The 1956 Franco-British Union proposal ends differently.

tiger and bunny

and... action!
The filming of a new documentary on Sternbild's Heroes has Kotetsu struggling with feelings, Barnaby annoyed, and Ryan happy to get paid.

a sweetheart chosen
The Heroes celebrate Valentine's day in their own special way.