i'm sorry. we won't be able to meet again. because i'm about to die. i'm sorry, but i never
expected our relationship to become this. for the longest time, i had always contemplated
taking my own life. even before i met you, so this has nothing to do with you.
when i thought about my life from then on, i saw the struggle every single day to live with the
pains until my last breath. holding onto such a bleak future made it impossible for me to find
any reason to keep on living. i'm sorry... i only wanted to erase my existence from this world
in a beautiful way, but... ugh... i don't even understand... what i'm doing anymore.
i'm terribly sorry for calling you at the moment. ah... i'm exhausted.
thank you for everything. goodbye.


hello there! my name is lizzie. this is my personal site where i can be unabashedly psycho about ships and characters i really love. 'tis a fujoshi's nature.

it may grow more than that depending on the amount of time and patience i have for coding, so we'll see! this site will look broken as shit for mobile users and will likely stay that way.

thanks for stopping by. if you ever need to contact me, my e-mail is here.

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