mizuki appearance ranking

movie mizuki - 10/10

perfect mizuki. the one that got me to love him in the first place. there's so much to say. everything about him is so fucking CUTE.

hakaba mizuki - 10/10

lovely mizuki. he suffers so much in this series, but at least he's very nice to look at.

akuma kun mizuki - 10/10

incredible mizuki. aged like fine wine... i want to eat his pancakes!!

manga mizuki - 10/10

wonderful mizuki. the first mizuki, in fact! he sweats a lot and is very pitiful in the manga.

kitaro s6/2018 mizuki - 10/10

fantastic mizuki. this singular frame conveys so much love towards this ugly baby.

game boy advanced mizuki - 10/10

excellent mizuki. he looks very nice in pixel art style. first "level" of the GBA game is kitaro crawling to find mizuki, which is adorable.

stageplay mizuki - 10/10

amazing mizuki. mizuki is real!! i want to watch this in full someday. it's an interesting take having him so young and affectionate towards kitaro! i love it!