warnings for: underage, rape. (but not in the way you'd expect)

so. a lot of this stems from my desire to see mizuki get raped, but listen! i have some canon to back this up, i swear!

mizuki may not be mentioned very often, but it's important to note, canonically in season 6, kitaro's entire reason for helping humans is because of mizuki. like. what? what do you mean? what kind of history do you two have? i mean, i know mizuki raised him, but there has to be something more there! if kitaro didn't care for mizuki so deeply, then he wouldn't give a fuck about human beings. that's huge! and of course, being me, i have to twist this love that kitaro has for his adoptive father into something obsessive and unhealthy.

there's no denying that mizuki loves kitaro unconditionally. i think mizuki being the only human to treat kitaro normally (and being the only one there for his social and cognitive development besides his biological father) would cross some wires in kitaro's brain. the love that kitaro has for medama-oyaji is much different than the love he has for mizuki. mizuki isn't a yokai, yet he still cherishes him. mizuki won't live as long as kitaro, yet he still is giving up so much to take care of him. mizuki's entire life changed because of kitaro. you cannot tell me kitaro would be anywhere near normal about that fact.

being raised by humans, kitaro would have a better grasp of their morality than medama-oyaji would. kitaro knows that mizuki sees him (now and forever) as a son, and there is no chance of that ever changing. kitaro knows that humans think incest is wrong, but he doesn't see mizuki as his father. he wants mizuki to love him in a way mizuki never will. kitaro's immortal shota appearance doesn't help, either. for a more adult-flavored kitaro, i got to getamizu, but i love shota tops so much that i want him to stay little.

my interpretation of mizuki's fate in season 6 is that he's super dead. i don't care how, though i do prefer a water god scenario where he gets dissolved due to kitaro's hubris to be deliciously angsty.


art by mappapapa

this version of kitamizu (though really it's called getamizu) is the most self indulgent and simultaneously the most tragic, to me. getakichi is the fandom oc, so you really could take him any direction you wanted to, but my ideal version of getakichi is a very pathetic and desperate boy who was doomed to love his adoptive father. puberty ruined a perfectly good yokai.

getakichi tanaka is the (really fucking stupid and bad jesus christ kitaro could you be more creative) human name kitaro goes by when he goes to high school. teenage kitaro is typically depicted as being lanky and having white hair (like a certain someone). despite looking almost identical to the man mizuki loved, mizuki would never, ever see kitaro that way, and it kills him.

i love the angle of kitaro going by a stupid name like that (and not taking mizuki's last name) because he wants to distance himself from being related to mizuki. i think mizuki would humor the name change because he thinks it's some weird phase, but kitaro is being 100% serious and wants to be taken seriously as a man.

so. kitaro tries (and fails) to get mizuki to love him, so the only other option is rape. obviously.

the idea of a son overpowering his father is like. it's really good ok. the boy mizuki raised (through no fault of his own) is completely and utterly obsessed with him, and there's no going back from it. i like to imagine after kitaro first assaults mizuki, it becomes a daily occurence. something that mizuki just has to live with. no matter what kitaro does, mizuki will still love him, even if he hates every aspect of his life now. kitaro geniunely believes that mizuki's apathy is a sign of reciprocation and doesn't stop.

mizuki usually dies in most kitaro canons, but i love the idea that kitaro refuses to let him. either kitaro turns mizuki into a yokai, or kitaro makes sure that mizuki's spirit still lingers (whatever he must do to make that happen).

this is a ship that never has a happy ending. there is no universe where this is safe, sane, or consensual. kitaro will always have to lie or force mizuki to get what he wants. mizuki can't bear to hurt kitaro, so he doesn't fight back. mizuki accepts his fate, and he wonders where he went wrong in raising kitaro for the rest of his life.